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Showbox apk is one of the most popular movies app for Android available for free download from this page. As we have official, unmodified, original version of Showbox, you can download apk without any worries. We have latest version to ensure you’ll have the best experience.

The Apk file itself is tiny in size, our download server is extremely fast & powerful with long download period(time) and unlimited reconnects support.

As a result, you will be able to easily download Showbox apk even if you don’t have fast & unlimited WiFi connection or 4G LTE mobile data.
Just a 3G connection or even a stable 2G will be enough for Showbox download.

Don’t be mistaken! Showbox apk file may be small in size but it is really very powerful media streaming and movies download app with dozens of movies and TV Shows.

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A lot of features, flexibility, different sets of filters, universal device support and rich functionality makes Showbox app one of the most powerful and useful media app for Android. That’s why it has become so popular among Android users and why it is used by thousands of thousands users around the world every day.

Showbox apk download

Now if you have already realised what Showbox is and why you may need it, now it’s time for Showbox download for your Android device so you can enjoy with it. Don’t worry, if you are still unaware of what Showbox is and why you may want it, we will talk about it later.

Showbox apk

Now, let’s proceed to Showbox working apk download for Android smartphones or any OS/Platform that can run an apk.

To ensure you will not experience any issues in the download process and everything will go smoothly, it is still recommended to use fast and stable internet connection.
It is also highly recommended to use modern, full-featured web browser like Google Chrome or UC Browser to make sure download will not be any problem.
Browsers in Beta versions or Mini versions may have very weak download manager that can often crash or fail.

Also, you should make sure to have enough free space in your mobile/tablet internal storage or MicroSD external card(such as removable SanDisk cards). Show Box Apk file itself is less than 40Mb in size, however you will need about 50Mb free space for installation and some more free space for proper Android OS functionality. It is recommended to have at least 200MB free space on internal storage.

How to install Showbox apk

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Installing Showbox app on Android device

  1. Download Showbox apk

    First of all, you need to download apk file by clicking red Download button above.
    Showbox apk download

  2. Enable unknown sources

    After Showbox apk is fully downloaded without any issue, you need to tap on it to start installation dialog.
    Most Android devices have disabled apk installation by default to avoid app installs out of official market.

    Don’t worry, it’s really easy to enable it. All you have to do is to navigate to Phone Settings, search for “Unknown Sources” (via search box or in Backup & Security tab) and set it to On/Mark it.
    Unknown sources

  3. Review permissions and proceed to installation

    Now you need to start apk installation dialog. Click on downloaded Showbox apk (it should be in Browser’s Download section) and read all permissions required permissions.
    Then click on “Next” button until you see “Install” button. Click on install button and wait for few seconds.
    Install Showbox

Congrats, Showbox is installed on your Android!

Showbox Update

If you already have Showbox app installed in your Android device, the apk download above may still be useful to you for numerous reasons.

First of all, if Showbox not working properly in your device, it is very likely a bug that was fixed, so updating is a good idea.

Secondly, Showbox Group is working hard to give its users the best experience and security. They release updates every month to ensure the app will provide uncompromised experience, that’s why Showbox update is always a good practice.

It is really easy to update Showbox. You can do it manually or use auto update feature.

Auto update

When a new version is released, Showbox app will show you a prompt on startup letting you know that an update is available. There you have an option to click on update button that will download new updated apk from their servers. After apk is downloaded, installation dialog will launch automatically.

All you need to do is click on “Next”, “Install” and/or “Update” button and wait for few seconds(usually less than 30 sec. depending on device and disk speed.) until installation is fully finished.

Even if update installation is unsuccessful, the old version that you had is still there, untouched and ready to go. It is very rare case for an update install to fail, but if you still meet that issue, or there is no prompt for update while you know newer version is released, you can go for also very easy manual method.

Manual update

You can manually update Showbox without any trouble, it is easy and fast process. All you have to do is to download latest version Showbox apk from our website(or any other source that has latest version and your trust) and install it just like any other apk.
As you already have old version of Show box app installed on your device, Android system will replace(update) old one with new one.

That’s it, manual installation is all that easy but… If you still experience issue of “Application not installed”, then you will have to uninstall current version of Showbox and install new apk.

About Showbox

Now, if you are not sure about what is Showbox, why you may want it, how you can use it or simply need more info about it, here is everything you need to know.

Show Box is an application created exclusively for Android smartphones and tablets. Since the day it was released, Showbox apk become one of the most downloaded apk in media apps. Unfortunately, you can’t download official Showbox from Google Play Store(Android Market) as it is not available there, but you can download Showbox official apk from our website.

Showbox is a Media & Entertainment type app which offers its users thousands of Movies, Cartoons, Serials, TV Shows and Trailers available for download or watching online. In other words, Showbox offers quite similar product to its users as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime… But there are several major differences…

Unlike Netflix or Hulu, Showbox application and the whole service is 100% free to use. There is no need for monthly subscriptions, registrations, one time payments or anything that will cost you a dime. Full use of Showbox is totally free.

Another advantage – Showbox movies section has nearly all known Movies and TV Shows, available instantly after digital release. You have access to massive movies library, updated every day. New episodes of TV Shows are added as soon as they are released.

One of the major reason behind Showbox popularity is its high quality and early availability. Showbox was one of the first app that offered us free streaming of movies and shows in high quality. Fast forward to today, now it offers many awesome features that makes it so unique.


Now let’s talk about why you may want to use Showbox app and why so many people favor it over other apps…

When we talk about Showbox advantages the first thing we need to mention is its blazing fast speed. Unlike many similar apps, Show box is really very fast when it comes to app loading, movies streaming or downloads.
Showbox doesn’t use torrents, instead it uses fastest servers in multiple locations, so it is really fast from any country and you will not experience buffering over and over again while watching your favorite movies.

Next thing what makes Showbox apk so great is its free usage policy. No subscriptions, no rentals, no trials, no pay per view, it is really free, forever! It does not matter whenever you have PayPal or Credit Card with a balance, you can still watch your favorite TV Shows and Movies any time you want, with no any limitations.

Showbox is not just an app where you can watch certain movie, it is whole Cinematic World at your hands. In Showbox, you can not only watch movies you like but also discover many movies you’ll love!
You can take a look at trending section where you can find unbiased, really trending movies, shows and cartoons. With smart recommendations, you will find movies for you in no time.

Showbox app

Even more, you can see all latest news and trailers for movies right in Showbox latest version thanks to new features in new updates and of course, you can check out new released movies updated in real time.

What many people love about the app is its download feature. With just one click you can download your favorite movie, serial episode or whole season in MP4 format and watch it offline, anytime, anyplace! You can even transfer it to your PC and see it on a bigger screen.

Talking about watching stuff on big screen, we must not forget cross platform support. You can download and use Showbox in any Android device, whenever it is a Google Pixel 3, Nvidia Shield Tablet K1, Chromebook, 4K Smart TV or Android TV box. Showbox works fine on any resolution, dimensions screens, with any hardware where Android OS can run smoothly.

Beautiful UI, flexibility and rich features is another awesome thing about Showbox Android App. You can enable/disable subs for many different languages, use Showbox player or your favorite video player like MX Player, VLC… You can apply dozens of filters in every section to find movies by any criteria and many more..!

Is Showbox safe?

Now we have come to one of the most important and frequently asked question – is showbox legal? Is it safe to use Showbox apk?

To answer this question clearly, we need to explain how Showbox works…

Showbox itself does NOT host any movie, trailer or tv show that is available for streaming or download. However, all posters, descriptions, links to videos(movies, serials…) and other data is gathered and hosted by Showbox team. They are also authors of articles in News section.

The point here is, if you use Showbox only for reading news, finding movies and TV shows, it should be fine in any country and territory. However, most of users use Showbox app to watch or download movies. The usage of this type is prohibited by law in some countries and regions, while some countries are not much against it and don’t restrict it by law. As a user, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your type of usage is in comply with your country’s law.
We take NO any responsibility, we highly recommend you to consult with relevant legal organisations in your country to ensure you’re safe.

As we have gotten legal issues out of the way, in other ways Showbox apk is safe to use. It doesn’t collect any sensitive information like credit card numbers or personal identification information. It doesn’t contains overlay ads, malwares and doesn’t require any special permissions it does not need. That being said, it is important to download original Showbox apk from reliable sources so there will not be any malicious modifications.

Showbox alternatives

Now that you have read everything about Showbox and know what it is, in case you think it isn’t right for you, here are some good Showbox alternatives that may be better fit for you.

Netflix is the most popular Movies and TV Shows streaming service in the world. It is not free but it is 100% legal in nearly all countries and the choice of millions of people.

Hulu is Netflix’s closest competitor and also a great service if you want to watch unlimited Movies and TV Shows for a monthly subscription.

Google Play Movies is another nice platform where you can buy or rent licenced Movies and TV Shows for one time fees.

If you’re ok with Showbox usage policy but want to try other free apps that lets you watch movies, Popcorn Time or Terrarium TV are apps that you can try and enjoy with.

Show box

That’s all! We have gathered all information on one page you may need to know, will you download and use Showbox or will you use other apps like Showbox? It is up to you!